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Affordable Voice Over IP Alternatives

Find out about new ways you can improve your corporate image with cutting edge Voice Over IP “VOIP” technology.

We have years of experience in the implementation of cost effective internet based telephone system ready to satisfy the need of small to mid-size business.

We meet with you to establish the best implication according to the needs of your business. We provide the technical logistics based on requirements of your industry.

You are in the position of customizing a phone system which promotes a brand identity with and attractive price model. You can add or remove features at any time without incurring in a penalty.

Take your communication tools to the next level; it is affordable, reliable and easy to use. Give us a call today to begin the journey.


Easy to Manage and Maintain

VoipXis cloud based integrations, let you managed your services from user friendly Service Portal. You can modify settings, add users, schedule a video conference and much more. The system is monitored 24/7.

Music on Hold and Voice Prompts

Impress your customers with Music on Hold by ViopXis; customized to reduce “wait anxiety” and inform your customers about your products and services. Break away from the boring “canned music” schema. Your customers don’t need to be entertained, the need to be alert and informed. We can help!.